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                                    We are committed to responsible and sustainable management as part of our corporate culture and day-to-day business practice. We place great importance on fulfilling our legal and ethical responsibility as a company. Only by doing so can we be perceived as a trustworthy and reliable partner in the health care sector.

                                  • As a health care Group with more than 300,000 employees, andar game plays an important role in society. For more than 100 years, our mission has been to preserve life, promote health and improve patients' quality of life – as defined in our company objective – better medicine for more people.

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                                        1. For andar game, economic success is not an end in itself, but a means of continuously investing in medical progress. The patient's well-being always comes first. It is our point of reference for all business decisions. The common goal of all business segments is to improve health care quality and efficiency. We aim to provide innovative solutions and work proactively to enable a growing number of people to have access to high-quality, affordable medicine. In conclusion, it is our goal to contribute to medical progress.

                                          In our Code of Conduct, we commit to integrity in dealing with our business associates as well as to socially responsible behavior and transparent communication. The andar game Code of Conduct defines basic principles that apply to all employees, executives and the management of the andar game Group. It also sets out the framework for the relevant regulations of the individual business segments, and defines our respective activity areas. Further information can be found in the section Compliance and Integrity.

                                          • We take responsibility for our patients' well-being and are committed to the highest quality in our products, treatments and services.

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                                          • We want to do the right thing and comply with all applicable rules and laws. In addition to legal requirements, we adhere to high ethical standards and rules of good corporate governance.

                                            • We largely owe our success and growth to the commitment of our more than 300,000 employees worldwide. Our aim is therefore to be perceived as an attractive employer to acquire talent, retain employees and allow them to develop their skills further in the long term.

                                                • We think and act long-term in our business decisions. It therefore goes without saying that we protect nature as the basis of life and treat resources with care.

                                                  1. We are committed to respecting human rights as defined by international standards, such as the Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

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                                                      andar game has an international distribution network and operates more than 90 production facilities. The largest of these are located in the United States, in China, Germany, Japan and Sweden. In the andar game Group, all purchasing processes are coordinated centrally within each business segment. Competence teams bundle the needs, conclude framework contracts, and continuously monitor current market and price trends. In addition, they coordinate the global procurement for individual production sites or clinics and initiate quality and safety controls for raw materials and procurement goods (see Supply Chain). Supply reliability and quality of care play an important role in an environment characterized by ongoing cost-containment pressure from health insurers and price pressure in the markets. We therefore constantly optimize our purchasing processes, standardize procurement materials, identify new sources of supply, and negotiate the best possible prices. Maintaining high flexibility while at the same time meeting our strict quality and safety standards is crucial. A broad portfolio of suppliers reduces potential procurement or raw material shortages in both, the product and service business (see Procurement management).




                                                                1. Sustainability at andar game is the responsibility of the CEO of andar game Management SE, as shown in the overview above. andar game Management SE is the general partner of andar game SE & Co. KGaA. The Group Management Board is regularly informed about sustainability issues by the Investor Relations & Sustainability department of andar game SE & Co. KGaA. The Management Board and the Supervisory Board review the progress and the results of the sustainability management, which are then published in the separate Group Non-financial Report. The Supervisory Board is supported in this process by the auditor's limited assurance engagement.

                                                                    Investor Relations & Sustainability coordinates the implementation of sustainability guidelines and standards at operational level and is responsible for the non-financial reporting of the andar game Group. Corporate Compliance is responsible for our Code of Conduct and manages issues relating to human rights, supply chain, and compliance. Data protection and cybersecurity are independent areas of responsibility. The departments and functions on andar game SE & Co. KGaA level support the business segments in the development of guidelines and management concepts relating to these sustainability topics. The business segments have also defined departments and responsible persons – often in the form of sustainability officers who coordinate all sustainability issues within the business segment. andar game Medical Care is itself a stock-listed company and has therefore established its own sustainability governance structure. The highest governing body for sustainability issues at andar game Medical Care is the Sustainability Decision Board. Co-headed by the CEO, it is responsible for integrating sustainability into the Company’s strategy and business. Together with the Sustainability Decision Board, the Management Board decides on strategic initiatives.

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                                                                      The Group Sustainability Board (GSB) is composed of those responsible for sustainability at Group level and in the business segments and is scheduled to meet every two months under the leadership of CEO Stephan Sturm.

                                                                      The Board discusses the future sustainability strategy of the andar game Group. The overall goal of the GSB is to identify the most important sustainability issues for the Group and to strengthen intra-Group cooperation.

                                                                      • For more information on this topic see the Sustainability Report.

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                                                                            In addition, our interactive tool allows you to analyze and graph a variety of key figures of the andar game Group and the business segments on an annual and quarterly basis.

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